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Welcome to my Music Section, this is quite small at the moment, I dont get much time to concentrate on this, but over time it will grow and cover more on Hi-NRG/disco/dance.

My first secton on Music is  NORTHERN SOUL  this page features links to other Northern Soul sites I have found on the Internet, plus some venues in Sheffield.

I had along time ago on my old site a  MOTOWN  featuring small labels like Tri-Phi, Checkmate, Harvey and a couple more, plus a rarest Motown list.

In 2005 a great soul superstar passed away  LUTHER VANDROSS  here you can find a page about the great man, and his UK chart hits upto 1996.

On 12th November 1982  PATRICK COWLEY  died of Aids, he will be best rememberd for "Menergy" and "Megatron Man", plus the Donna Summer hit "I Feel Love".

How many of you can remember the good old days of  HI NRG  music, the internet is full of websites dedicated to this music, and here you will find a few links to look through.